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  1. Hi peter, I love that photo. It really expresses all the angst of a secret worker thrying to be a slut. I nominated you for the ‘ Victoria’ Prize. Please submit your poem soon.

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  2. Peter, congratulations on being the winner of the 3 set of books by L.W. Smith (Laurie Smith) in his DEATH series. Thanks for taking part in the competition on my Author Page on WordPress…. http://wp.me/2dg55 – I do hope you enjoy the books and that you will go on to read more of his work and his blog too. Do come back and see me on my own blog as well. Have a fab weekend and happy reading. Jane Risdon 🙂

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  3. Op deze site blijf ik even haken:


    Op weg waren we
    naar verre kusten
    om te leven als vuurtorens
    of scheepsmasten

    als naïeve zaailingen
    sliepen we enkele nachten
    op warm Veluwezand

    bij het laatste ontwaken
    besloten we
    om te blijven

    achter de kim passeert ’s nachts
    het zwenkende licht
    en het geluid van wapperend
    gaffeltuig en stormfok.

    *** *** ***
    Met groet, gedachten en een glimlach,
    Kees Keizer
    ‘Waar licht het landschap raakt’

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  4. It is a fortune, Peter, that
    I have a great poet such as yourself
    To be supporting me
    Through my ventures.

    Your fellow RMM Mizan,
    Captain of TEGME for the time being
    Would like to take the opportunity
    To wish all the best for you
    And for your family and friends
    All the best wishes for this holiday season.
    Merry Christmas.
    Happy New Year.
    May 2016 be the best year
    Of our lifetime.

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  5. Hi Peter,
    Hope your are having a great new year and your work is as great as always. I want you to know that I am very grateful for your support and likes on my posts. It would be a pleasure for me to receive any sort of advice from you regarding my work, if you have any.

    Thank You,
    RMM Mizan

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