A winter symphony

Jane Dougherty maakte dit mooie gedicht, dat precies weergeeft wat ik ‘Twee Werelden in Spiegelbeeld’ noem.
Veel leesplezier!

Jane Dougherty made this beautiful poem which perfectly matches my view of ‘Two Mirroring Worlds’.

Jane Dougherty Writes


With all the beauties of the morning
I composed a symphony
To strum the swallows balanced in the whispering breeze
With the music of what you meant to me.
I hummed the bee-strung spires of buddleia
Nodding from ruined windows emptied of their glass,
Sung the river water dimpled by the wind
And dappled shadows shifting on the grass.
I wove the warbler’s rippling song
And the sound of shimmering silver light
Pouring from the poplars’ wind-turned leaves
With the shrill glissando of the falcon’s plunging flight.
I brushed it with the scent of roses
And abandoned garden walls all overgrown,
The dark, damp smell of riverbanks,
The lizard-golden pulse of sunny stone.
I gathered a chorus in the dawn’s pale light
From the far off woods where the blackbird sings
And filled the silences between the beats
With the fragile fluttering of butterfly wings.
I make the music swell…

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