All we are saying…

I’m dead up.
Seriously, I’m counted out.
No use turning around the hot porridge
or finding out the wheel:
when the cat is out of the house, the mice dance on the table.
As the clock ticks at home, it ticks nowhere.
So keep good in the holes: don’t mob with the tap open.
A good neighbour is better than a far away friend.
East west, home best.

41 thoughts on “All we are saying…

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  2. Ha! Such fun! I’m especially intrigued by this one:
    “don’t mob with the tap open”
    So many applications! I’m picturing both a drunken group in a bar that hasn’t yet paid the bill, and the mad grouping of words whilst I still have a million research tabs open on my laptop. Seems sound advice in both instances. 😉

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