C Fever


I must get down to C again, C major or minor, don’t mind
And all I ask is the right key, and the chord that I can’t find.
And the drumstick and the backing vocal’s song and the maraca’s shaking
Before the sell-out crowd will hear my poor voice breaking.

I must get down to C again, or else this piece will end
In a wild cry and deep silence, which I would not recommend.
And all I ask is to modulate with care so I can keep singing,
And the strings’ hum and the flute’s tune and the bells ringing and dinging.

I must get down to C again, to be sure there will be life
After this torment of getting off my key which cuts like a whetted knife.
And all I ask is a big pardon from the laughing audience
And a quiet exit when the theatre tells me to leave the premises.


Read and listen to the poem that inspired me!

26 thoughts on “C Fever

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  2. We learned that poem by John Masefield at school – once you’ve recited it by heart, you never forget it. I enjoyed your tribute very much, Peter. I love the thought that one needs to get back to the beginning or end of the scale ‘or else this piece will end / In a wild cry and deep silence’.

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