Quo vadis


In the Blue Expanse – Arkady Rylov (1870 – 1939)


Snow geese migrating down South
salty spray in my mouth
Western wind blowing the Horn
to announce another new morn

Four centuries have gone by
oh my, how time seems to fly
I’ve seen many ships come and go
in rain, storm, icebergs and snow

How many of them have seen me
throughout all eternity?
Unlike them, I’ll never go home
I am condemned, I’ll always roam

There’s another one coming up now
from the spray flowing around her bow
I can tell she is going real fast
the wind murmurs around the mast

I wonder, should I follow her wake?
But then again, too much at stake
nobody believes I am real
my ship is not wooden nor steel

She is just an aerial barque
sailing at will like a spark
splintering from the fire at night
flashing in and out of sight

  I’ll hide till I’m once more alone
sailing around on my own
until the very last date
this will be my definite fate


2 thoughts on “Quo vadis

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