Macdonalds Range

Macdonalds Range, by Tes

Macdonalds Range, by Tes

for Tes

In the Outback morning light
I beheld a wondrous sight:
a eucalypt stood there to grow,
in its crown the wind did blow.

It blew a melancholic sigh
whispering of times gone by
when this was a sacred place
hidden in the Dreamtime haze.

“People lived in harmony
respecting its sanctity
forty thousand years on end.
But then came the white man’s hand

turned this place all upside down
claiming it for a foreign crown.
Convicts roamed the streets at night
seeking chance to take a flight.

Natives’ fate was dearly sealed
but it will soon be revealed:
in a fierceful knock-out race
Earth will claim its rightful place.

Please respect this holy ground,
or else your luck will turn around
and chase you like a boomerang,
like a convict you will hang!”



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