Night of three moons



When the summer was well at its height
and I couldn’t sleep cause of my heat
it was then that I saw the three moons.

Oh, the first was as bright as can be
and the second as red as red wine
on this hot twenty-second of June’s.

But the third was the brightest of all
as it shone on my love’s golden hair
and the owl cried its spooky night tunes.

She was dancing around in her sleep
and left home by the open front door
so I followed her into the dunes.

There, I witnessed a wonderful sight
as the moon eclipse came to a close
and I heard the most beautiful tunes.

My love’s gown vanished into the light
of the stars that rained down from above
on this hot twenty-second of June’s.

She just kept dancing all through the night
never noticing me as I watched
till she made her way back through the dunes.

Next morning, I got up in silence
to make sure I would not break her spell.
When she finally woke up at noon’s

she shone brighter than ever before.
I will never forget what I saw,
how she danced on the night of three moons.



18 thoughts on “Night of three moons

  1. Your poem has a great rhythm and rhyme scheme, Peter, and has all the elements of a good song. I like the way you set the scene succinctly and go straight into the story of the three moons. It reminds me of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, published in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

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