Road to Eternity


Moonlit Night. Highway, Levitan Isaac 1897-1898


I’ve been walking all this day
but no-one did I see
my backpack causes me to sway
I pass another birch tree

Uneasy visions haunt my head
when will I ever be free?
moonlight brightens up my tread
I pass another birch tree

The weight I carry feels like lead
will it ever let me be?
Where do I find a sleeping bed?
I pass another birch tree

I want to hide a treasure
where no-one can find it but me.
Its value is far beyond measure
I pass another birch tree

 My wary steps go on and on
though I have a wounded knee
my leg is numb, the pain is gone
I pass another birch tree

I’ll keep silent and be still
the secret is safe with me
I’ll keep walking on until
I pass the final birch tree


15 thoughts on “Road to Eternity

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  2. There is a wistfulness to this that has me empathizing with the walker. At the same time there is strong spirit in the person who keeps on going despite the challenges. The image is haunting. A lane of birch that shines in the moonlight like this would be enchanting to walk down, especially if headed for a welcoming home after the final one.

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